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muga silk-herringbone weave fabric 44 inches wide-gold colour,

Muga silk is a wonderful gift of nature extracted from a species of insect not to be found any where in the world except in the North Eastern region of India.

Muga is obtained from semi domesticated silk worm called aantheraea asamenisis.

Antheraea assamensis are raised outdoors primarily on two trees - som (Machilus bombycina) and soalu (Litsaea Polyantha). The caterpillars are placed on a tree and when they have stripped the tree of foliage, the caterpillars will make a mass exit down the trunk. They are collected by the keepers and placed on another tree. When ready to spin their cocoons, these caterpillars once again exit the tree where they were feeding. This behaviour allows the keepers to collect and control the caterpillars.


muga silk-herringbone id=1582

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