• 100% silk dupion bright navy blue pintuck 2.80ydsDUPP29[2]

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Extremely high quality silk dupioni silk - [excellent look and feel],we are direct manufacturers of these silks. heavy weight wild silk with crisp texture and beautiful sheen. Dupion silk has an irregular weave with tiny nubs showing. It is sometimes confused with 'shantung' or 'raw silk' which is usually lighter in weight and has a finer weave than dupion. Dupion is used extensively by many of the top bridal designers and manufacturers."Please be aware that silk is a natural product and, therefore, will always have a small amount of natural flaws, therefore, particularly for dressmaking, it is always advisable to order a little bit more than you actually need. We give this information in good faith as we would like all our customers to be happy with their projects". 

EXCELLENT FEEL & FINISH, we can sew curtains/drapes/duvet/ bed covers.[

100% silk dupion bright navy blue pintuck 2.80yds

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100% silk dupion bright navy blue pintuck 2.80ydsDUPP29[2]

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