• 100% crushed Velvet fabric 54" burgundy wine

100% crushed velvet fabric 44" wide,excellent feel & finish.excellent for casual wear,drapes,curtains,baby blankets,quilts.etc.Cotton velvet is a plush, smooth fabric made the same way as other velvets: with an extra set of warp threads to build up the pile. The pile is more erect than velveteen. Cotton velvet is softer and more luxurious than cotton velveteen. Both cotton velvet and cotton velveteen have a soft drape that falls into wide cones. It does not fall as closely to the body as silk velvet, although we carry that, too. Both are used for dressy garments, bathrobes, drapery and bedspreads. Moderately easy to sew. Fabric Care Machine wash and dry. dark burgundy wine colour velvet fabric.retails in stores for usd$75 plus.our price usd$16.00 per yard only~direct from manufacturer.other colours available soon,54" also will be available soon


100% crushed Velvet fabric 54" burgundy wine

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