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B.R.Exports ® is  into the manufacturing of Silk Fabrics Accessories, MadeUps, Accessories & Silk Furnishing. Established in 1971, we have carved a niche for ourselves in our sphere of operation. The quality of our products is widely recognized and we cater to a wide clientele that is spread across the world. It includes the developed and demanding markets of Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa, USA & UK.

Silk is a strong, soft, lustrous fibre extruded by certain kinds of moth and spiders. Silkworm eggs (popularly known as seeds) are laid out on mulberry leaves to hatch out into caterpillars. They grow rapidly, eat vociferously and end up about 30 mm long after about 4-5 weeks. During this time, they change skins for about 4 times. After the last change, straw frames are provided in which silk worms make its cocoons.

We manufacture Plain Dupion[196 colours], silk taffeta, Chiffon/Georgette, Crepe-de-Chine, Organza, computerised Embroidery, Dupion Embroided, Brocades, Chiffon Embroidery, Dupion Patchwork, Madeups, Accessories & Silk Furnishings. Our manufacturing plants are in Bangalore, Varanasi [Banaras], 

USA buyers please contact us if you wish to pay by cashiers cheques/money orders to our USA associate in Las Vegas NV 

Fabric Colors

Whenever possible, we try to give you the number of the Pantone color from the Pantone Shopping Guide (which you can order directly from Pantone at This is our approximation only, and for reference if you have the Shopping Guide.


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You want Designer Remnants? Done! - We sell fabric by the yard, but we also offer a huge selection of designer remnants.  One of the top selections online, in fact.


Many customers feel it's necessary to get a feel of the fabric before they purchase it online. the team makes it easier for customers to feel at ease with their purchase by providing fabric swatch. The customers will receive the swatches in 10 to 15 business days. The swatches are meant to provide the customers an idea of the level of quality of the fabrics they will get when they order online.


You can pick 2 fabrics at most for usd$10 inclusive of airmail.