tussar silk  fabric  54 inches wide{112 cms}natural  colour  with wild noil silk{hand made}stripes running width wise{vertical},light to medium weight,slightly semi sheer-rich

Tussar Silk, also known by its Sanskrit name Kosa silk, is produced from Tusser 
silkworms (Antheraea mylitta and Antheraea proylei). Produced mainly in the 
Indian state, Jharkhand,Tussar Silk is a type of wild silk – it is obtained from silk worms 
that are not 
bred on mulberry trees but whose cocoons are collected from the local trees like 
Sal, Arjun and Saja. It is less expensive than cultivated silk and not as 
durable (cultivated silk has longer fibres). Some Tussar silk today is made is 
called non-violent silk, or Ahimsa Silk, which is extracted from the 
cocoon after the silkworm larva has left it. usd$14 per yard





tussar silk fabric with wild noil silk stripes

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